Liberal Democrats advance in Broxtowe Borough Elections: Conservatives lose overall control

With one ward undeclared, Broxtowe Liberal Democrats have made one net gain bringing our number of seats to 5 with the real prospect of 2 more to come.  Two seats were lost in the north of the borough but all three seats in Bramcote were gained back from Conservatives.  Our two Beeston North seats were held easily.

The Conservatives remain the largest party, holding just 20 of the 44 seats, down from 27, so they have lost overall control after four years in power.  The opposition currently is split between Labour on 14, Liberal Democrats on 5, and 3 Independents.  With four experienced councillors and one promising newcomer, we will be more than able to pull our weight on the new council.

Much depends on the outcome of the Stapleford South-East by-election next month. Regaining those two seats, previously held until 2015, could put us back in the driving seat of an alliance of minority parties.

Stapleford South East Election Delayed

We were sad to hear that Chris Rice, Conservative candidate for Stapleford South East, passed away recently. He had been suffering from health problems for some time.

Chris was well liked by members of all parties and will be missed. Our condolences and best wishes to his family.

When a candidate dies during an election period, according to the Electoral Commission, the election is cancelled and called afresh at a later date. The new Borough and Town Council elections for Stapleford South East will be on Thursday 13 June. All postal votes that might have already been returned will not be counted and new ones will be sent out in due course.

As a mark of respect the Lib Dems will not be campaigning in Stapleford South East until after Chris's funeral on 10 May. After that time we will resume campaigning in the run-up to the new election day.

Elections and campaigning in Stapleford South West and Stapleford North will continue as normal - polling day remains 02 May.

Stapleford election campaign

The Liberal Democrats are fielding five Borough candidates and ten Town Council candidates across the three wards in Stapleford.  David Grindell is aiming to regain his seat in Stapleford South East lost in 2015 and he is joined by Tim Hallam who is also our prospective parliamentary candidate.  Bob Brown and Simon Frost are fighting in Stapleford South West while Elizabeth Epton is standing in Stapleford North.

Here, we highlight the problems facing Stapleford and what you can do to help.

The leaflet introducing our Borough candidates and our plan to fix the town is here.

Read Stapleford Lib Dems' letter to residents here.

Published and promoted by Tim Hallam on behalf of all Liberal Democrat candidates in Stapleford.

Our candidates in Bramcote Ward

Hannah Land is an experienced occupational therapist, currently working for the University Hospitals NHS Trust.  While living in Greater Manchester and now in Bramcote, she has always served her local community, including working with Street Angels, refugee projects, church youth groups and choirs.  Her passion is health care issues.

Ian Tyler spent his working life in textiles: fashion fabrics, industrial garments and personal protection equipment. He values his community and enjoys trying to improve it for the benefit of all.  He served as a Bramcote councillor for 16 years until 2015 and has been involved with Neighbourhood Watch. He currently chairs the Bramcote Park Community Cafe.

David Watts has lived in Bramcote for 22 years. He was a Borough Councillor for 16 years, representing Bramcote until 2015. David has been a parent governor at Bramcote Hills Primary School, where both his children attended, and he has also been a director at both Attenborough Nature Reserve visitors centre and the Beeston Volunteer Bureau. He was the founder and first chair of the Bramcote Hills Park Community Cafe and remains a board member and trustee of the project. By profession David is a solicitor and works for a firm based in Nottingham City Centre.

You can read more about them here.


Published and promoted by John Patrick on behalf of all Bramcote Liberal Democrat candidates.

Vote for Steve and Barbara CARR in Beeston North

Steve and Barbara CARR are defending their Liberal Democrat seats in Beeston North in the Borough Elections on May 2. 

Steve has been leader of the LibDem Group on the Borough Council for 4 years and is also the Beeston North County Councillor.

Read their latest FOCUS leaflet here



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Borough Elections in May: manifesto launched

Broxtowe Liberal Democrats will be keenly contesting the Borough elections on May 2, expecting to retain our current seats and regain seats lost in 2015 when we had shared control of the Council with Labour.  Our candidates are confidently looking forward to replacing the current Conservative administration which, in difficult times, has presided over a material decline in service to residents and a loss of confidence in the Council itself.

The Manifesto outlines our offer to the electorate under 6 headings:  

  • How our Council is run,
  • Housing/Social Matters,
  • Environment,
  • Health,
  • Community Safety 
  • The Economy.

Vote LibDem in Broxtowe on May 2!


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Government's £110M 'bonus' for the East Midlands: a Brexit bribe

Steve Carr, LibDem leader on Broxtowe Borough Council, comments on the £1.6bn government fund launched today to boost less well-off towns in England after Brexit:

"The Government could have spent this money last year or even the year before but chose to announce this just days before a vital vote on the PM’s Brexit deal. It is a cynical attempt to woo Labour MPs to vote for her deal. It has to be noted that £1.6bn is nowhere near the amount that local councils have lost over the last few years and which has led to cuts to vital services. This is not a Brexit bonus it is a Brexit bribe. 

It goes to prove that the magic money tree does exist and it is in Teresa May’s back garden."

A Crack in the Mould?

From the Chair of Broxtowe Liberal Democrats:

“The resignation on Wednesday of Broxtowe’s MP, Anna Soubry, from the Conservative Party could be a pivotal event for our national politics.  With others, at the time of writing mainly defectors from the Labour Party, she is promoting the establishment of a centrist Independent Group in Parliament which may well develop into a formal political party able to fight elections.  Our Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Party has made friendly overtures towards the new Group, and we hope they will work closely together during these final weeks of the Brexit negotiations. We are conscious that we don’t know the policies of the new grouping.  It isn’t yet a party.  Will they support proportional representation and other important Liberal Democrat aims?  Nevertheless, we welcome the new centrist grouping and look forward to finding ways to co-operate with each other.”

Focus on Bramcote

This month's Focus on Bramcote from the Broxtowe Liberal Democrats features a special report on the impact cuts are having on our schools. As a community, we are having to deal with real term cuts of £157 per pupil! As Liberal Democrats, we demand better.

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Exit from Brexit!

The Liberal Democrats have spent the last two and a half years trying to prevent a Brexit disaster. We're now closer than ever - it looks like Theresa May's Government is likely to loose a crucial vote on Tuesday. We need a People's Vote to end the Brexit deadlock.

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