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Michael Rich selected for 2nd seat in Toton, Chilwell & Attenborough

I've lived in Stapleford since the mid 1970s and served as a Liberal Democrat on both the Town and Borough Councils for some years. I stood down from the Borough Council after my third term, during which I had been Council Leader. Last year I moved into a property in Toton. 
The Tory government has angered me so much with their arrogance, their deceitful and destructive Brexit and their incompetent handling of the Covid 19 pandemic, I was delighted when the LibDems approached me to stand in the County Council elections and I decided to come out of retirement if elected. I stand by the 2019 LibDem manifesto, which you can read at
The County Council cannot directly affect Westminster policy, but these local elections represent a time to take a stand and to send a signal that there are ways to make better decisions with better outcomes. LibDems kept the Tory party in check for a full five years during the coalition, we have had chaos since they ruled alone. I would welcome your support. 

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