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Liberal Democrats advance in Broxtowe Borough Elections: Conservatives lose overall control

With one ward undeclared, Broxtowe Liberal Democrats have made one net gain bringing our number of seats to 5 with the real prospect of 2 more to come.  Two seats were lost in the north of the borough but all three seats in Bramcote were gained back from Conservatives.  Our two Beeston North seats were held easily.

The Conservatives remain the largest party, holding just 20 of the 44 seats, down from 27, so they have lost overall control after four years in power.  The opposition currently is split between Labour on 14, Liberal Democrats on 5, and 3 Independents.  With four experienced councillors and one promising newcomer, we will be more than able to pull our weight on the new council.

Much depends on the outcome of the Stapleford South-East by-election next month. Regaining those two seats, previously held until 2015, could put us back in the driving seat of an alliance of minority parties.

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