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International Showjumper chosen by LibDems to fight Nuthall and Kimberley seat

Reece Oliver is an international show-jumper and animal conservationist, who has been heavily involved in rescuing and rehabilitating wild animals. He has a passion for supporting conservation programs aimed at protecting and preserving endangered species. 

Reece commented, "I am delighted to stand as the Liberal Democrat candidate for the forthcoming County Council elections . I have lived in Strelley Village for more than 20 years and it would be a great honour to represent the people of Strelley, Nuthall and Kimberley. It's time residents had someone  that will listen to everyone's views and a voice that will speak up for their needs and requests.  If elected I promise to try my hardest to ensure residents voices will be heard. As someone who lives and works in the division I understand the potential affect HS2 will have on you and your properties.  If elected, I will campaign to ensure everyone gets the best possible outcome.  I will fight for road improvements and to get an overall better deal for our area.  It's time for a change for Strelley, Nuthall and Kimberley. A fresh outlook is needed and I will ensure that you, the people, are put first.

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