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Focus on Bramcote

This month's Focus on Bramcote from the Broxtowe Liberal Democrats features a special report on the impact cuts are having on our schools. As a community, we are having to deal with real term cuts of £157 per pupil! As Liberal Democrats, we demand better.

You can download a copy of the latest Focus on Bramcote here.

School Cuts Special Report

Research by Bramcote Liberal Democrats has shown the impact that cuts to school funding have had in our schools. An examination of the budgets for Bramcote College, Alderman White School, Bramcote C of E Primary School and Bramcote Hills Primary School (the figures for Foxwood were not available) shows that all four have suffered significant real terms cuts in their budgets over the past four years. In each school this means that average class sizes have gone up.

Our study of figures from the Department for Education shows that between 2015/16 and 2019/20 schools in Bramcote will have lost, in real terms, more than £500,000 of income a year, which works out at a massive £306.46 per pupil. The effect of this is that across all four schools the average class size has gone up by 1.5 pupils per class. This means that teachers inevitably have less time to spend with each pupil and the quality of education is therefore bound to suffer.

The research by theLibDemshas also shown the effect of cuts to education across Nottinghamshire. Across the county as a whole the real terms cut is £16.4 million per year, equivalent to £157 per pupil. The cuts in Bramcote are nearly double this, which means that our schools have borne a disproportionately large part of the reduction.

Liberal Democrats demand better. It does not matter which party is in government or in charge of local authorities, education must be valued and protected. We are campaigning for funding to be increased across all our local schools. Cuts to education are a betrayal of our children.

The February 2019 edition of Focus on Bramcote was edited by Broxtowe Liberal Democrat members Hannah Land, Ian Tyler and David Watts.

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