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E. Midlands elects LibDem MEP, boosting our chances in Stapleford by-election

Bill Newton Dunn has secured a seat in Brussels again as Liberal Democrat MEP for the East Midlands.  The very strong Liberal Democrats’ performance in the European Elections has brought encouragement for the Broxtowe LibDem candidates fighting what will probably be next election to be decided: a Borough by-election in the Stapleford SE ward in 3 weeks time.  

Our party came second to the Brexit Party both nationally and in the East Midlands, as well as in Broxtowe, polling between 17 and 21% of the vote; so we go into the by-election at least 7% ahead of both Labour and the Conservatives.

Two wins in Stapleford next month will secure control of Broxtowe Borough Council for the alliance of Labour, Liberal Democrats and Independents.

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