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Borough Elections in May: manifesto launched

Broxtowe Liberal Democrats will be keenly contesting the Borough elections on May 2, expecting to retain our current seats and regain seats lost in 2015 when we had shared control of the Council with Labour.  Our candidates are confidently looking forward to replacing the current Conservative administration which, in difficult times, has presided over a material decline in service to residents and a loss of confidence in the Council itself.

The Manifesto outlines our offer to the electorate under 6 headings:  

  • How our Council is run,
  • Housing/Social Matters,
  • Environment,
  • Health,
  • Community Safety 
  • The Economy.

Vote LibDem in Broxtowe on May 2!


How our Council is run

  • We will restructure committees to reduce the amount of special allowances payable to Councillors, which currently cost £82,000 pa.
  • We will stop all grants to Parish Councils who sit on large credit balances and liquid assets.
  • We will make it a requirement that any Councillor belonging to a political group has to declare if they have been told to vote in a certain way by their party (a practice known as whipping).
  • We do not support the abolition of Broxtowe Borough Council as proposed by Nottingham City Council.  Neither do we support the City Council’s expansion plans.
  • If in a position to do so, we will prevent the sale of Beeston Town Hall to a non-community organisation.
  • We will improve transparency and sharing of information within the Council to promote a climate of trust and understanding between Members, Staff and the Public.

Housing/Social Matters

  • We will increase funds available via the Discretionary Housing Fund to assist claimants with issues resulting from the introduction of Universal Credit in the Borough.
  • We will merge all council land, which is currently split between Housing and General, to reduce cost and confusion.
  • We pledge to seek out suitable sites in Eastwood and Stapleford in order to open part-time cash offices and advice centres.
  • We will undertake prudent borrowing as is required to meet our Social House-building targets.
  • We will ensure tenants who have young children or other long term needs will be offered the longest term of contract possible to provide stability of tenure.  The maximum is currently 5 years.
  • We will ensure there is a good mix of new homes to suit all incomes and types of purchasers in the Borough.
  • We will oppose inappropriate development in Broxtowe.


  • We will abolish the charges for bulk waste collection to help reduce fly-tipping within the borough, and introduce fines for people who use third parties to remove bulky waste which is then subsequent fly-tipped.
  • We will reintroduce pest control in the Borough. This will be free to anyone over State Pension Age who receive benefits.
  • We intend to introduce more electric car charging points in the Borough.
  • We will prioritise Broxtowe’s carbon management plan and investigate the feasibility of introducing carbon-free vehicles at the Council.
  • We will protect the Green Belt and open spaces in the Borough.
  • We will work to improve our recycling rates to achieve a rate of at least 50%.
  • We will require new homes to be built to the highest environmental standards, including solar panels, and we will require developers to show they have considered green issues when submitting plans.
  • We will strengthen the current policy to eliminate the use of single-use plastics and throw-away clothing.
  • We aim to plant another 50,000 trees in the Borough over 4 years.


  • We will introduce Council-funded GP prescriptions for health promotion such as weight loss, stopping smoking and getting active.
  • We are committed to maintaining high quality and accessible leisure centres in the Borough.
  • We will continue to support local friendship groups and to encourage further support to tackle loneliness.
  • We will introduce a ‘Heart of Broxtowe’ scheme which will incentivise food outlets to sell healthy alternatives.

Community Safety

We commit to promoting community engagement by:

  • continuing CAT meetings,
  • encouraging local Police to attend CAT meetings and other community events,
  • engaging with the Fire Services to promote their services to vulnerable and disabled residents.
  • working with the Police to help reduce anti-social behaviour and crime in general.


  • We will extend free parking from one to three hours across the Borough.
  • We want to see high quality public toilets made available in Broxtowe along with Changing Places toilets being installed.
  • We will work with local bus companies to try to develop Hopper bus routes to ensure that our residents are connected to their town centres.
  • We want all Broxtowe town centres to become premier shopping destinations and will work with our Town Centre teams and local support agencies to achieve this.

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