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Zero Carbon Broxtowe: new policy initiative

Zero Carbon Broxtowe is a radical policy paper produced by Broxtowe Liberal Democrats setting out our vision for how we can bring about a cleaner, greener borough.

The full policy paper is available here.

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Lessons from the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election

Broxtowe Liberal Democrats are much heartened by the party’s dramatic victory in this week’s by-election in Brecon and Radnorshire.  In Westminster, the government’s slender majority [including the DUP] is now a single seat, reducing the likelihood of an early no-deal withdrawal from the EU.  Jo Swinson, our newly-elected leader, now has additional support in the Commons in the shape of the leader of the Welsh Party, Jane Dodds, who overturned an 8000 Conservative majority to win by nearly 1500 votes.

Two particular features of the Welsh by-election - the situation of the sitting MP and the negotiation of electoral pacts – can be seen reflected in our situation here in Broxtowe, and will guide our strategy as we prepare for the possibility of an early General Election: 

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Broxtowe's Corporate Plan - Consultation to open soon

The new corporate plan for Broxtowe is currently in development. Public consultation will be opening soon.

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County Councillor Steve Carr in clash over travellers in Broxtowe

BBC Local Democracy Reporter Kit Sandeman describes here an angry clash in the County Council Chamber this morning between two councillors who both also sit on Broxtowe Borough Council.
Steve Carr [the only LibDem County Councillor] demonstrated his disgust by walking out when Conservative Philip Owen used the term 'biblical plague' to complain of travellers who were holding a horse fair in his Nuthall Ward.
It's not the first time the two have clashed: both are accustomed to expressing their views forcibly in debates.  Both would have earned rebukes by Speaker Bercow [as has Anna Soubry our MP] if they had had been in the House of Commons.


Challenge for Broxtowe planning committee

Liberal Democrat Borough councillor David Watts chairs his first Planning Committee tonight under the new coalition with Labour. 

Party politics normally doesn't feature, but committee members may well be brushing up on their animal rights policies as the issue has been aired nationally in The TIMES.

Lion cub news item

Update [June 27]: David Watts' committee overturned the officers' recommendation last evening and granted permission for the wild cat enclosure.  The villagers who were opposed to the project [on Green Belt land between a bridleway and the M1] had procured a last-minute offer from the Born Free Foundation to house the cubs. The applicants were determined to keep them but guaranteed to demolish the enclosure on the lions' death or removal. 

See the BBC News coverage of the meeting here.


Two Liberal Democrat gains in Stapleford SE Borough by-election

David Grindell & Tim Hallam

David Grindell and Tim Hallam have been returned as Broxtowe Borough Councillors in a closely fought by-election on June 13. The by-election was caused by the death of a Conservative candidate during the May 5 election campaign which had left Broxtowe Council in no overall control.

With a disappointing turnout of 32% on a wet day, Liberal Democrats secured 47% of the vote, with Conservatives second on 30% and Labour on 23%.  These new Council seats bring the Liberal Democrat total to 7, with Labour on 14 and Independents 3, a total of 24 against the Conservatives’ 20.  This now secures the power-sharing alliance which has taken control from the Conservatives who had governed Broxtowe Council since 2015.

David Grindell had been a member of the previous Labour/Liberal Democrat administration, while Tim Hallam, our PPC, is newly elected.  We look forward to their contribution to the new Labour/Liberal Democrat alliance in the Town Hall for the next four years.

E. Midlands elects LibDem MEP, boosting our chances in Stapleford by-election

Bill Newton Dunn has secured a seat in Brussels again as Liberal Democrat MEP for the East Midlands.  The very strong Liberal Democrats’ performance in the European Elections has brought encouragement for the Broxtowe LibDem candidates fighting what will probably be next election to be decided: a Borough by-election in the Stapleford SE ward in 3 weeks time.  

Our party came second to the Brexit Party both nationally and in the East Midlands, as well as in Broxtowe, polling between 17 and 21% of the vote; so we go into the by-election at least 7% ahead of both Labour and the Conservatives.

Two wins in Stapleford next month will secure control of Broxtowe Borough Council for the alliance of Labour, Liberal Democrats and Independents.

Liberal Democrats now share control in Broxtowe Borough

With one 2-seat ward still undeclared, Liberal Democrats have joined an alliance with Labour and Independents to take control of Broxtowe Borough Council.

Just before the Council’s Annual Meeting on May 15, the Conservative Group conceded control after holding office since 2015, and veteran Labour councillor Milan Radulovic became the new leader with Liberal Democrat Steve Carr as Deputy.

The Chair of Planning went to David Watts, a previous council leader and newly re-elected for Bramcote ward, while Ian Tyler and Barbara Carr were appointed as committee vice-chairs.  In the crucial confirmatory vote the Conservatives could only muster 19 (with one absentee) against 22 (14 Labour, 5 Liberal Democrats and 3 Independents).

The appointments of Mayor [Conservative] and Deputy Mayor [Labour] went unopposed; a possible sign that cross-party cooperation might help to heal some of the recent divisions within the Council.

The Stapleford South-East by-election takes place on June 13. Following the funeral of the Conservative candidate who died during the election, we are resuming the fight for these two seats, previously held until 2015. We expect to defeat (again) the new Conservative candidate who polled 14% fewer votes than our winning team in neighbouring Bramcote on May 2.

Liberal Democrats advance in Broxtowe Borough Elections: Conservatives lose overall control

With one ward undeclared, Broxtowe Liberal Democrats have made one net gain bringing our number of seats to 5 with the real prospect of 2 more to come.  Two seats were lost in the north of the borough but all three seats in Bramcote were gained back from Conservatives.  Our two Beeston North seats were held easily.

The Conservatives remain the largest party, holding just 20 of the 44 seats, down from 27, so they have lost overall control after four years in power.  The opposition currently is split between Labour on 14, Liberal Democrats on 5, and 3 Independents.  With four experienced councillors and one promising newcomer, we will be more than able to pull our weight on the new council.

Much depends on the outcome of the Stapleford South-East by-election next month. Regaining those two seats, previously held until 2015, could put us back in the driving seat of an alliance of minority parties.

Stapleford South East Election Delayed

We were sad to hear that Chris Rice, Conservative candidate for Stapleford South East, passed away recently. He had been suffering from health problems for some time.

Chris was well liked by members of all parties and will be missed. Our condolences and best wishes to his family.

When a candidate dies during an election period, according to the Electoral Commission, the election is cancelled and called afresh at a later date. The new Borough and Town Council elections for Stapleford South East will be on Thursday 13 June. All postal votes that might have already been returned will not be counted and new ones will be sent out in due course.

As a mark of respect the Lib Dems will not be campaigning in Stapleford South East until after Chris's funeral on 10 May. After that time we will resume campaigning in the run-up to the new election day.

Elections and campaigning in Stapleford South West and Stapleford North will continue as normal - polling day remains 02 May.

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